The Frequently Asked Questions about Cable Candy brand and products.

Q: What is Cable Candy?

A:  Cable Candy helps to tidy up all your cables while being easy-to-use, convenient and colourful.

Q: What is so special about Cable Candy?

A:  Cable Candy offers 24 products, of which each helps to organise cables thus offering solutions for numerous „cable problems“.

Q: Where can I use Cable Candy?

A: Wherever cables need to be tidied up: at home, in the office, in your car or on-the-go / travelling.

Q: How many Cable Candy products are available?

 A: At the time our portfolio consists of 24 products und we are permanently

Q: How much the Cable Candy products?

 A: We recommend the same price for all 24 Candy Candy products. Depending on the market the price will be in between 5.99 to 8.99 USD / Euro incl. taxes.

 Q: Since when is Cable Candy available?

A: After a year-long development Cable Candy was launched in Austria at the beginning of 2017.

Q: Where can I buy Cable Candy?

A: Cable Candy is already available in retail stores in more than 20 countries and can be bought online on and and

Q: How often can Cable Candy products be used?

A: All products except the Beans range are re-useable. The self-adhesive beans can not be used after their removal and therefore you will find a sufficient amount of beans in each pack.

Q: Can Beans be removed?

 A: Beans can be removed without problems from smooth and firm surfaces.

Q: Is Cable Candy edible?

A: Although the brand is named „Candy“, the products are not suitable for consumption. They are made of high-quality silicone and other synthetic materials and are not harmful to health und free from toxins.

Q: Can I combine several products?

A: Especially Beans are easy to combine to guide and fix cables, but basically all products can be used complementary or parallel.