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Tidy up your cables the easy way!

CABLE CANDY helps to tidy up all your cables while being easy-to-use, convenient and colourful. Wherever cables need to be tidied up:
at home, in the office, in your car or on-the-go / travelling.



The classic beans also for slightly bulkier cables to be organised.  

Mixed Beans


Mixed Beans combine two types of Beans to guide and fix your cables.  

Small Beans


Small Beans to cable guidance without attracting attention.  

Bunny Beans


With the supercute Bunny Beans you can fix your cables wherever you need them.



Snake is ideal for bundling and shortening long and bulky cables.

Small Snake


Small Snake is ideal for short and thin cables which have to be stored away quickly, but are used frequently.



Turtle grabs up to 4 cables and secures them tightly - with re-usable Sticky Pad.



Stow away cables and headphones quickly and securely inside the Donut.

Hook & Loop


Use Hook&Loop to quickly and easily tie cables up to 5 cm - easy to open and re-usable.

Cable Tag


Put Cable Tag onto your cables thus marking them distinctively and never mix them up again any more.

Cable Tie


Use Cable Tie to quickly and and easily bundle your cables and headphones.



The frequently Asked Questions about Cable Candy brand and products.